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Art Therapy Speeds Recovery

There are many forms of therapy that are meant to heal and restore the psyche. Art and music therapies are among the many creative activities that can aid patients recovering from traumas.Art is an emotional process, and moving is a healing process. “Art has been shown to help with physical, emotional, mental and social health,” said Les Moore, a doctor of naturopathy in Ontario. Art therapy includes music, poetry, acting, dancing, photography, songwriting, painting, pottery, and sculpting.In Kashmir, a war-torn region contested over by India and Pakistan, youths are expressing their anger in paint. In Corona, California, Angel Faces is a retreat for girls who have been disfigured in disasters such as fires that uses art therapy as a way to heal their emotional scars and help them cope with the social consequences. And in New Canaan, CT, the nonprofit organization Art for Healing (AFH) is using music and art therapy to help children and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities including autism, Down Syndrome, and neurological disorders.”Art-making itself provides people with control. It gives them meaning and purpose and acceptance,” says Karen Peacock. Peacock is an art therapist working for the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, which received a $44,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in April to expand their Art Therapy program. “It’s a means to understand and growing in life’s changing challenges,” Peacock explains.Art therapy can be used for children or adults to help them process traumatic experiences. It reduces stress and therefore encourages and even speeds up recovery and healing. In Australia, the number of artists working along medical staff in hospitals and community centers are growing, according to The Australian this Saturday.Flinders was one of the first Australian hospitals to seriously incorporate art therapy. “There has been a gradual shift in attitude from one of skepticism to acceptance, to embracing the concept, to it being firmly embedded in the hospital, delivering a valuable service,” says Sally Francis, arts coordinator at Flinders. The art towards healing offered in the hospital is a diverse mix including live music, galleries, dance recitals, writing workshops, filmmaking sessions and screenings, and music lessons.New studies are determining that art therapy in hospitals does make a difference in patient recovery, reducing the length of the patient’s stay and the chance of their being re-admitted. It helps reduce tension and lift depression, explains music therapist Emma O’Brien. British microbiologist Rosalia Staricoff conducted a reviewed of over 400 research studies, and found that art therapy in hospitals helped reduce patients’ stress, depression and anxiety; they had reduced blood pressure, pain, and less need for medication.”Arts in health is not just a distraction,” says Mike White, a research fellow in the Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University. “They can help patients understand and adapt to the complexities of their medical condition and at the same time help to build the social connections important for health.”"The eye has become a human eye only when its object has become a human, social object,” poet Adrienne Rich quotes Karl Marx. She responds, “When art-as language, music, or in palpable, physically present silence-can induce that kind of seeing, holding, and responding, it can restore us to our senses.” While social connections are important for our health, art is important for the health of our community. Art therapy can be a healing process for both patient and teacher, and working to help one another makes all of us stronger.If you are thinking about becoming an art therapist…There are not many accredited options online, unfortunately. However, Colorado State University Online offers an accredited Masters in Music Therapy with a requirement that you visit the campus once a year for additional training, and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers an online MA in Art Therapy listed by the Art Therapy Association. To become a professional art therapist in the US, you will need to take the appropriate Masters Degree requirements, pass the written exam and continue to maintain the credentials set by the Art Therapy Credentials Board that grants registration.

Government Responsibility for the Health of Its Citizens

In a country such as Indonesia with a population of approximately 250 million people with the level of the developing economy, making health care quality is not something that cheap stuff, because so many of the costs required to maintain the health of a citizen. For premises that the government issued a policy that every citizen is guaranteed health by removing the health budget 20% the cost of annual expenditure.Let us suppose that we calculate the Indonesian State costs of 800 tryliun 1 year multiplied by 20% for health care costs is about a 160 tryliun only for health care costs, should a cost of registration is no longer supposed to be found in infants who are malnourished or other vitamin deficiencies, but not optimal because the cost is used and the amount of corruption in Indonesia has caused many infant found extreme malnutrition and other diseases such as polio and cataract, where government responsibility that has been chosen by its citizens in a democracy.People’s Health: Amanah ConstitutionHealth is a fundamental right which is only fitting to be the obligation of governments, both national and local. In the amendment of article 45 Constitution 28H Paragraph (1) stated, “Every person has the right to live prosperous mentally and physically, residing and get a good living environment and healthy and are entitled to health care.” Furthermore, in Article 34 paragraph (3) 4th amendment declared “the state is responsible for the provision of health care facilities and public service facilities they deserve”.In addition, the government of Indonesia is one of the parties (state parties) stating its commitment to the international community to bind itself in the international covenants which regulate issues of economic, social, and cultural (ESC) or the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ( ICESCR). Covenant has been ratified through Law no. 11/2005 on 28 October 2005. In Article 12 of the covenant was expressly stipulated that “States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.”To realize the ideal conditions in the field of health care, the agenda is an urgent thing to do is:1. In the short term we must continue to advocate (defense) rights in the health field. Problems and root causes of health services should be the themes of talks / discussions with residents in these communities. These discussions should formulate an agenda that contains the tabulation problem, the map problem, map the parties that have contributed to the health care problem-solvers. The parties involved, such as village heads, heads Health Center, Public Health Service or a member of Parliament could be invited attend the discussions. In addition to providing information as a resource, their presence should also be used to convey the pressure / demands of the problems that have been inventoried.2. In the long run citizens must actively exert regulation health sector, which still marginalize the interests of society at large, especially the poor. For example, regulations on health budgets, service standards, the amount of levy health centers and hospitals, regulation of health services for poor households, such as GAKIN, ASKESKIN and SKTM to be easily obtained by the poor.State – in this case the government, it must be constantly guarded and reminded residents to take care of his responsibility. By seeding the seeds of critical awareness at community level, collaborative efforts with other stakeholders – including governments, the presence of accessible health services and quality is a necessity.

Secrets of Successful Self Service Car Wash Operations – Choosing Software to Work for Your Business

There is an easier way to do business, make more money, save time, increase efficiency, and streamline operations of your self-service car wash. The solution involves hiring on some additional help. This new help will never lie, never steal, never show up to work with a hangover, and always show up to work on time. It may be time to consider how advances in software solutions might improve your business.Like all things in business, you’re growing or you’re dying, succeeding or failing, improving your business or becoming complacent. The car washing industry is becoming increasingly competitive as new investors and entrepreneurs enter the arena of building car washes bringing new ideas and new technologies to the table. New car washes are being built by the ‘Pepsi Generation’ that understands modern marketing, promotions, and most importantly, how to make technology work for them to maximize their business potential.There have been advancements made in water treatment; car cleaning chemicals, and nearly every aspect of car washing has made major advancements from the ground up. Not every car wash has the luxury (or extra money) to change out all of their washing equipment to stay up to date with the latest and greatest every few years. For existing businesses that want to start doing more now (without the huge bill) the most cost-effective upgrade that can be made to an existing car wash operation is by investing in software solutions to improve business operations, profitability, and employee accountability.Software is everywhere and it should be no surprise that it plays a major role in successful car wash operations. The vehicles we drive have computers in them with software that regulates fuel efficiency, engine timing, monitors tire pressure, operates complex GPS navigation systems, and calls 911 if you get into an accident. Car washes have similar software applications throughout their business. The major distinction is that vehicles COST money and car washes MAKE money. Vehicles and car washes do not need software to operate but to maximize performance it is a necessity.What Uses Does Software Have at a Self Service Car Wash? Point of Sale
Cash Management / Cash Monitoring (Coin Counting)
Credit Card Processing
Management of Loyalty Fleet/Gift Card Programs
Equipment Monitoring
Chemical Level / Mixture Monitoring
Video Surveillance Systems
Learning From the Pro’s – How Are They Doing It?The most successful self-service car wash operations all share several things in common and it is no secret that technology plays a large role in their overall business plan. The following software-based solutions are the primary contributing factors to the success of real car wash operations throughout North America. Accounting Automation – What every successful car wash operation has at its core is the ability to properly manage their money. The primary focus of EVERY for-profit business is the tracking of cash flow, expenses, and deposits. Most car wash operators use a software program such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, or some form of custom accounting application to manage these areas of their business. These programs give car wash operators the ability to view their business at a glance and to monitor profitability and track losses. Without this invaluable information it is nearly impossible to make INFORMED decisions about how to run a successful for-profit business.Equipment Monitoring – An important part about running a self-service car wash is making sure that all of the equipment is in working order and operating at maximum efficiency. Successful car wash operations make use of remote equipment monitoring software programs that can send a text message or ring a pager when an equipment failure occurs or if soap levels drop below a preset level. Wash operators can expect to make more money with reduced down times and increase the life span of their equipment by catching malfunctions early on before they lead to major repairs. Of the self-service operators interviewed for this article the commonly recommended software program for equipment and chemical monitoring was the Wash Remote system by Imagine Innovation, one of the pioneers of data tracking, consolidation, and wash monitoring.Electronic Payment Acceptance: Credit Card, Loyalty Gift Card, and Commercial Fleet Solutions – The difference between a self service wash that does $6,000 in washing a month and a car wash that does $40,000 in washing a month is that the more successful wash makes payment acceptance, sales, and marketing its number one priority. Wash operators such as Marcus Schoenenberger of Texas Shine Car Washin San Antonio talks about a “problem” that his company has with accepting payment. Marcus says, “If I have a customer that wants to give me money, I’m going to find a way to take it!” Marcus makes use of a software based cashless acceptance program that allows his customers to use both credit cards and loyalty cards at ANY service at the car wash (even the drop shelf vending machines!). There are a lot of cashless payment solutions available on the market and there are important things to consider if you decide to add cashless acceptance to your self-service car wash.Do your Research – There are a lot of cashless acceptance solutions in the marketplace and each will be a bit different. Use the Internet, speak with other car wash owners, and call the companies and ask plenty of questions. Ask for references, discuss product upgradeability, and make sure you do it right the first time.Plan for Growth – Make sure that the cashless solution you purchase will grow with your business. Will you have the ability to add additional services to the system down the road? Does the product have the ability to be upgraded after it has been purchased? Avoid purchasing a solution that will not scale with the size and scope of your business over time.Industry Secret: Car washes are in the business of taking a customer’s money in exchange for wash services, right? According to wash equipment distributors, the first area of a new construction or remodel project to get cut due to overspending is payment acceptance hardware and software. Does this make ANY sense to cripple a business from the start by limiting their ability to take all forms of customer payment? Successful wash operations that go over budget will leave a wash bay empty of wash equipment rather than eliminate the hardware and software that can give their business the edge needed to increase profits and stand out from their competitors. Every shred of Industry data supports the importance of implementing some form of cashless acceptance solution at a wash.Software Basics: Types of Software Hard Coded Logic Programs – This is your standard circuit board with an array of chips soldered on it. These chips are programmed with a set of VERY specific commands that are executed based on external inputs such as button pushes that then trigger a desired response such as activating the pumps. The advantage of hard coded logic is that they are not susceptible to things such as computer viruses and are generally trouble free. The downside to hard coded programs is that they are very simple and lack flexibility. It is incredibly difficult to upgrade a system that has no central processing system such as a computer. Most upgrades to a system based on hard coded logic result in the physical replacement of the circuit boards and in many cases the entire unit must be replaced. The long term costs of a non-centralized system are much higher than their conventional software counterparts.PC Based Software Programs – These days most car washes have a computer in their office or equipment room. There are also businesses that prefer to keep a home office and run all of their accounting programs from a home computer. The major advantage to a PC-based software solution is that it has the ability to get upgraded as time goes on. The primary downside to a PC-based software solution is that if anything happens to the on-site computer or if it downloads a computer virus the data is at risk of being lost entirely. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you have a software system on a local computer at a wash that a backup routine is put into place to store the data off-site. This can be done with a number of other computer programs or by manually copying the information to a CD or disk on a regular schedule.Web Based Software Programs – No business has gone untouched by influence of the Internet. Business Week, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal have all commented on how the use of Internet technologies in business is one of the greatest things to happen to small business owners and large corporations alike. Successful self service car wash operations use web-based software programs to manage customer loyalty accounts, synchronize their data to their copy of QuickBooks at their home office, sell car washes online, send out billing to commercial fleet accounts, market to their customer base, and run reports on car wash activity from ANYWHERE in the world as long as they have access to a web connection.There are two primary advantages to web based software solutions. The first primary advantage is that rather than needing to purchase a software CD to make system upgrades, web-based software is upgraded on the fly automatically. The second primary benefit is that car wash transaction data, cash counts, accounting information, customer data, and equipment error codes are all stored remotely on the Internet. This means that if anything happens to the computer system on-site, ALL of the information is safely stored in another location. This reduces both cost AND frustration should any problems occur down the road.Find a Solution that Works for You Many car wash operators are not ready to make use of full-scale software upgrades throughout their business. Your business will not fail if you do not invest in software solutions, but it will never HURT business to increase efficiency and profitability. It is important to find a solution that works best for you and YOUR car wash operation. Want to reduce shrinkage? Look into cash management solutions. Want to keep an eye on employees and your wash? Investigate remote video surveillance software packages. Want to capture commercial fleet business in your area? Look into cashless acceptance solutions to accept credit cards and fleet cards. Want to save time doing the books every month? Check out QuickBooks and QuickBooks compatible software solutions to eliminate double entry, and reduce headaches come tax time.Your business deserves to hire on some new help to assist you around the wash. Next time consider the software solutions available to you in today’s high-tech marketplace.

Herbal Medicine – An Ancient Healing Art Still Relevant Today

Herbal medicine is arguably the oldest form of medicine and has been used by man for millennia.Herbal medicine is the use of plant materials to enhance well being and treat disease. Today, people all over the world are still using herbal remedies, which have been past down through the generations, which increasingly, scientific research is validating.Herbs are used as medicines for both man and beast, they are used to flavour food, enhance taste and are common ingredients in natural skin care products, soaps, potpourris, ointments, food and many other areas of human life. They have even found their way into remedies for our pets and livestock.Up until about 200 years ago, before western medicine was conceived of, herbal remedies where the only medicine available to man for treatment of illnesses and diseases. The Chinese and Egyptians developed traditional systems of medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, respectively) which incorporate a systematic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.Since the early 19th century, methods of chemical analysis became more sophisticated and chemists began making their own synthetic versions of the ingredients originally found in herbs, beginning the transition from raw herbs to synthetic pharmaceuticals.Today, pharmaceutical companies are still heavily researching herbs/plants for ‘new medicines’ that may prove useful in treating many of today’s diseases, for which orthodox medicine has little or no answers.Since the advent of drug manufacture, users of pharmaceutical drugs have increasingly experienced more and more side-effects as well as resistance to these modified forms of medications.This begs the question, why try to fix something, when it’s not broken? Herbal medicine is working as well today as it has for hundreds of years and with respect to side-effects, herbal medicine causes far fewer adverse reactions and related health problems than their synthetic counterparts. In addition, herbal medicines are more easily tolerated because the constituents are not of a synthetic type, which are known to have potential long term, and sometimes irreversible side effects.This is not to say that taking any old herb is safe, far from it. Herbal medicines need to be treated with great respect and due diligence, as they too can cause harm if not used appropriately. However, herbal medicines in general do not pose the same risks of side-effects or adverse reactions as their synthetic counterparts. The human metabolism is designed to metabolise naturally occurring substances, and is not always able to metabolise synthetic drugs fully, potentially causing a myriad of health problems and occasionally deadly side-effects.Choosing a good, qualified medical herbalist can present a challenge, as this profession is not well regulated in many countries. It is important therefore to make sure that the herbalist you seek is a member of a professional association. In Australia there are several associations such as ANTA, ATMS, and others. Europe, Canada and the US also have professional associations that will be able to help in finding a qualified, reputable medical herbalist.It is important to take time and care in choosing the right herbalist – your health and wellbeing depends on it.